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Evolution of Men’s Wristwatches across the Ages


buy men's watches onlineA wristwatch is a popular clothing accessory for males and females alike. More than anything else, the device establishes one’s status symbol. It was the quintessential component to reveal of one’s fashion statement at a time when mobile phones and other electronic gadgets like iPads and tablets did not exist. Walking into the boardroom of any premier conglomerate will definitely expose one to an array of premium brands of wristwatches. Interestingly, the variety of fashion accessories was never so popular even a hundred years from now. Back in those days, no gentleman with self-respect would have slipped into a wristwatch. Men preferred to carry pocket watches and a gold half-hunter was invariably the real status symbol of the times.

It was believed, wrist watches – which were normally referred to as wristlets – were only for the womenfolk. Male chauvinists dominated the society back in those days and believed wristlets were more of a fashion trend for women than a serious timepiece.  The two World Wars of the last millennium contributed heavily in drastically redefining the existing world orders. It was during World War I, the soldiers discovered the utility of wearing wristwatches. Pocket watches – favorite among chauvinist males – proved to be clumsy to carry and difficult to operate while fighting the enemy in a battle.

Being smaller in dimension, it is more easily portable and can be made to operate with higher level of perfection. There is nothing to deny the fact that men’s wristwatches were actually invented out of necessity. Gradually, with the passage of time, the range of fashion accessory became increasingly prominent. Revolutionary designs and mind blowing features got added to the device. It was no longer that watches emerged into the consumer market with immense commercial prospect.

In this age and time, when the internet has achieved unprecedented popularity across the society, the craze to buy men’s watches online has gone viral. There are many reputed online retail outlets that provide premium quality of the range of merchandise at reasonable price. These virtual shops maintain impressive stock any time of the year. Elaborate product description, easy online payment procedure and fast shipping are the key factors leading the commercial establishments to higher levels of success.

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