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Rise to Popularity of Denim Trousers across the Ages


Denim trousers are exceptionally popular all over the world. The range of clothing exhibits a versatile appeal and provides a high comfort level. Moreover, a pair of denim trousers is ideal for every event – whether a formal party or a casual, impromptu social get together. The history of this popular range of clothing is no less interesting. The earliest version of the range of fabric originated in India during the 16th century and was called dungaree. It was actually an exceptionally thick cotton cloth dyed in indigo.

Gradually, a refined version of the dungaree came out in France, precisely in Nimes. With passage of time, the unique fiber was exported to the Americas. Initially, as it is widely known, denims were reserved for the working class. As the fiber provides unique comfort while performing manual works and is long-lasting, working men – mostly who were involved in physical labor – preferred wearing denim trousers to work. Immense popularity that denim trousers enjoy can be attributed to the American painters and mechanics who actually dared to think out-of-the-box and zeroed-in upon these items as their work cloth.  

Nowadays, the jargons denims and jeans are used interchangeably as there is hardly any difference between the two. Back in the past, jeans and denims were considered distinct fabrics. Denims were weaved with the combination of one white and one colored thread. Whereas, jeans were weaved of two threads of identical shades. The craze for denim pants for men requires no introduction! It is actually the quintessential component of every man’s wardrobe all over the planet.

However, while discussing denim trousers, one just cannot miss out the contribution of Hollywood movies in popularizing the variety of clothing. Starting from 1930s, American motion pictures started portraying authentic cowboys in denim trousers. This added a kind of mystic, surreal status to the range of clothing. It was also the phase when jeans or denim trousers ceased to be identified only with the working class of men. Rather, it started symbolizing the identity of a strong and hardy American.

Outbreak of the World War II proved to be another phase change in globalizing the popularity of the fabric. American GIs carried their favorite denim pants to all corners of the world and their effort contributed to its prominence. Eventually, as the Great War ended, drastic changes started occurring across the society. In this backdrop of great social upheaval, denim trousers emerged as the latest fashion statement for scores of style-conscious men who represented a new world order.

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