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Polo Shirts Dressing Up Men from Horseback to Corporate Boardrooms


When it comes to men’s clothing, there are a few garments indeed that rightfully belong to the category of fashion classics. A polo shirt is an exclusively popular variety of shirts, which conveniently finds its place in any man’s wardrobe. These are usually short-sleeved and are ideal casual wear for just anyone. Polo shirts are strikingly popular among students and youngsters. It is also greatly favored by professionals and corporate executives.

Interestingly, the history of polo shirts for men is quite fascinating. The story goes back to the early 19th century, when the British Monarch was reigning over the Indian subcontinent. As such, the whole of the subcontinent was not annexed by the British at one go. They gradually took over the vast country through a number of successive battles. As the British Military expedition reached Manipur, in the Northeast, the Europeans were suddenly exposed to the fascinating game of polo. The game, which once represented the typical culture of a marshal tribe, travelled all the way to Europe and became one of the most popular games that are played on horseback.      

As the game became popular, attention was turned to the game’s kits and attire. Back in those days, polo was played wearing long-sleeved shirts made of cotton. The slender collars of these shirts proved to be inconvenient for the players on the field. Thus, some of the players started attaching the collars to their shirts with buttons. This stopped flapping of the collars, while a player galloped on the field.   

In course of time, this peculiar dressing style appealed to the fashion designers and finally, polo shirts gained insurmountable popularity. However, the cut and the look of polo shirts have undergone modifications from time to time. Finally, during the 1990s these turned into popular informal business outfit across the corporate world. 

These days, when the computers and the internet have become unbelievably popular across the society, it is obvious that an increasing number of shoppers prefer to buy men’s shirts online. A number of dependable online fashion stores have gained prominence across America. These retail outlets offer premium range of polo shirts at reasonable price.

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