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Men’s Watches down the Timeline & Popularity of Online Stores


Wristwatches are a crucial fashion accessory for men today. Popularity and commercial prospect of the range of merchandises are significantly high. Prior to the invention of the wristwatch, people used pocket watches. Mr. Patek Phillipe made the first wristwatch in the year 1868. However, that model underwent several transformations until 1880, when Constant Girard provided a more advanced design for the device. The first commercial manufacturing of men’s wristwatches closely followed it. As such, 2000 watches for German naval officers were ordered in the first lot.

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However, the civilian society took some 30 years more to pick up the trend. Initially, the range of merchandises was considered as a feminine accessory not ideal for men. In 1904, a pilot, named Alberto Santos Dumont requested the famous Louis Cartier to come up with a timekeeping device. This device would allow him to keep both his hands on the controls while checking out his performance during a flight. This eventually led to the invention of wristwatches for men. With the passage of time, the WWI came knocking on the doors. The soldiers fighting the Great War were given especial type of wristwatches, which were popularly known as trench watches. After the war was over, the boys came home with their trench watches. This finally triggered the popularity of the fashion accessories across the civilian society.

In the contemporary times, the mechanical wristwatches have thoroughly been replaced with their digital counterparts, which are better known as quartz watches. A superior grade of quartz wristwatch is extremely accurate and dependable. These are powered either by a battery or by the solar energy. However, there is another variety, which runs on kinetic energy.

The craze to buy men’s watches online is uniquely popular across contemporary America. The online deals prove more pocket-friendly for the shoppers for obvious reasons. There are many reliable online retailers catering to this segment of customers. The category of retail outlets offers superior quality of products based on latest innovative designs at prices that are affordable by almost everyone. Moreover, shoppers can land on especial rebates and bargain offers from these online shops at certain times of the year.

The latest range of digital watches can further be categorized into two sections, analog and digital. Analog watches are conventional in look and come with moving hands. On the other hand, digital watches come with a LED or LCD screen, which displays the time in digital format. These apart, there are expensive designer watches for men that come bedecked with precious and semi-precious jewels.

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