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WHAT'S MISSING? So you are nice, you have money, you have the cars yet you still never get the girl or you can't keep her attention. Hmmmm…….we should think on that for a minute. We are just going to guess that you are missing something that is very important to women. Something that every woman values in her self and desires in her man. What is it that you are missing? Your absolute confidence in your look, your fashion, and your style.  Maybe your look is a bit dated? Either way, your approach to fashion could be what is holding you back from attracting and keeping your target mate. 

Now don't get us wrong. Everything that you have going for yourself is super awesome, and ladies love a man that can provide security. They also love a man that has the drive and the ambition that matches theirs. However, when you add a sexy modern and clean style to your arsenal, 100% of the time you will keep her undivided attention. Gentlemen, just as much as you want your ladies to have it all, the same is true for her. She wants every other woman in the room to envy her, knowing that they can’t have you is a turn on.

A well dressed man that has confidence is a dangerous man. Lose the money, and the car you will be ok if you have the style, looks and confidence in place. So spice it up a bit and keep your wardrobe changing, and never follow a trend. Always be dynamic, different and appealing. Keep her guessing, keep it cool and her eye will always be on you.

As always
“Look Good, Feel Good, Be Envied”.



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