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Do you have a heart from Davidoff? Do you have morals from the Paul Smith collection? Was your soul hand stitched by Armani? Men it is a luxury to don the threads of the designers that make New York Fashion Week a mecca of sorts. I know the feel of the perfect suit coat that rests on your shoulders like a cherub coated in marshmallows and the tailor getting the 3⁄4 inch difference of your arm length just right on a high quality shirt. I also know what it feels like to have a life where you can smile for no reason other than you found joy in a cloud or holding to the sensation of being attentive to someone else’s needs for a moment that makes everything else in life superfluous.

Gentlemen is your life a dichotomy of what is seen by the naked human eye with what is felt by the human soul? If your threads are intricately interwoven then I am grateful that you have reached this place in your life. If you do not I would present three steps to get on the runway of New York Soul Week then accept the following challenges:

1. Take the No-label Challenge: Rather than being consumed by what you wear everyday focus on doing something for someone else while wearing no designer labels for one solid week.

2. Gratitude Journal Challenge: For one week write down five things that you are grateful for. I recommend completing this first thing in the morning as a way of setting a precedent for your day.

3. Reach-out Challenge: Locate a homeless shelter, community or ministry in your particular city and provide one or more articles of clothing to a man that is less fortunate.

My desire for you is to look like a million bucks and have a soul and a spirit that is priceless.





Slim Blog Contributor Asa Leveaux is known as the Genius ActivatorTM and is the founder of Genius AcademyTM. He currently resides in Oklahoma City, OK is a personal, and business coach. For more information on Asa Leveaux please send us a message. 

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